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I feel....

well... , I just arrived at this very same set of life decisions like below the quote exactly how I feel today... "....I no longer have patience for certain things, not because I%u


No I'm not smoking, I was keeping it from Josh, it had already been put out once and proceeded to get drowned in a smirnoff bottle.



Forget Me Not

Thanks for your kind comments and faves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Flower shots you find here SLICES of TIME Photography My photo website *** SLICES of TIME Photog

Me ^^

Doll lovers will always have a special place in my heart. I am pleased to share with different people, eccentric or original . thanks all of you for supporting me and my work :)


me again, experimenting with self-portraiture -- inspired recently by wonderful self-shots by Deb, *cate*, and of course the grand master of self-portraits, Carmen


I wasn't going to play FGR today 'cause I've got a cold coming on and feel yucky. But Mike chose the group today (and it happened to be a fairly easy one) so I couldn't resist. For FGR and CatchLig


6D? No... Sorry for the confusion. Ah, yes, about that... I was looking at the page that you get when you click on a camera model, to browse Flickr stats for that camera, kind of like this page for t