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Muita delicadeza pra essa segunda feira. Brinco borboleta 🦋 esta lindoooo é tão delicado, combinou muito com o anel ... #inlove 💖 #bonequinhadluxosemijoias ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**************
Bom dia! ☀️ Projeto para área gourmet! ➡️Via: Galo carpintaria ➡️Sigam: @decoreseudia


I am lucky to be a surfer. I am lucky to be a surfer because amidst insane emotional trainwrecks, relationships with "friends" blowing up in my face, and a complex disintegration of somethin


In sweet Autumn light, EJ&E 670 and GTW 4930 head north to Eola, to interchange with the BNSF. Crest Hill, IL. 10/21/12


You are PERFECT in all your ways! You love us perfectly, and rule with perfect justice. You will keep us in perfect peace, if we will keep our minds on you!

perfect !

SOOC = Straight Out Of the Camera. In other words, no editing (although in this case, I did have to convert from RAW and reducing the size). Please don't use this im