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. پس از آنکه بفرمان اعلیحضرت همه جیب‌های او را با جد و جهد گشتیم دیدیم که وی کمربندی دارد که از پوست حیوانی عظیم‌الجثه ساخته شده و از طرف چپ آن شمشیری بطول پنج مرد و از طرف راست آن کیسه‌ای یا خرجینی آ

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View On Black "Scared and confounded as I was, I could not forbear going on with these reflections, when one of the reapers, approaching within ten yards of the ridge where I lay, made me appreh

St. Patrick's Cathedral Dublin

Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, also known as The National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin, or in the Irish language as rd Eaglais Naomh Pdraig, founded in 1191, is the l